Staff and Board of Directors

There is a very dedicated core group of people who serve on the board of directors. Our meetings are held quarterly. Feel free to contact us with your ideas, concerns, and suggestions.

2015 Board of Directors

Jim Carroll
“From an early age I had lots of outdoor experiences that ingrained in me a great respect for the natural world and how it inspires and sustains us. I have been blessed with the opportunity to work as a family doctor in Mitchell County since 1989, and have become familiar with the values that bind our communities together, as well the issues that divide us. My goal is that citizens of the Toe River Valley work together to protect the irreplaceable natural and cultural resources we enjoy today.”
Cassie Flaon
Vice President, Promotions, Membership
“Living on the Cane River, I am reminded daily how we are all affected by the flow of our rivers. Not only by their beauty, but also for their nourishing qualities. My main goal is to reach the youth and encourage ideas to preserve our natural resources. As a community oriented art educator, I see TRVWP an ideal avenue for this type of education and outreach.”
Jay Palmer
“The streams of the Toe River Valley are fairly clean, for the most part. While often taken for granted, clean water is absolutely essential for us to lead healthy lives. Our increasing population is putting more demands than ever on this limited resource. My goal is to encourage conscious stewardship in the ways we use our land so as to protect this vital part of our community.”
Tressa Hartsell
“I am dedicated to instilling the values of the Toe River Valley Watch in the youth of our community. I am specifically working to involve high school students in environmental initiatives and hope to expand my efforts to the elementary aged students and their families as well.”
Joyce Beauchamp “As a native of Mitchell County, I want to take part in the effort to preserve the beauty of our mountains and the cleanliness of our streams and rivers. I do not want to see the tops of our ridges chopped off, all our trees cut down that results in erosion and flooding or our waters polluted. I believe there should be planning in our counties to prevent these catastrophies from happening. After all, what are our counties’ greatest resources? I ask that anyone who is interested in these efforts to please join our organization, as we are strong in numbers!!!!”
Daniel Barron “When I was growing up, I first became aware of conservation issues during 4-H meetings. I also went out one summer to “work” with Mr. Bryant who was the Soil and Water Conservation Agent who made me aware of many new-at-the-time efforts to preserve and protect our land and wildlife. At that time, you literally could walk across the Toe River on the yellow and gray sand that choked it. I also remember trying to fish in Cane Creek, but often the smell was more than we could deal with. We have made great strides since then, but the effort is certainly not fully accomplished and I’m proud and excited to be a part of taking the Toe and the surrounding area to the next safe and secure level for us and those who will follow.”


Starli McDowell
Executive Director
“My husband and I are avid river enthusiasts. Water quality and the recreational value of the watershed are my primary focus”